This is the website of writer Don Kesterson, an Amazon Best Seller.  Don writes espionage thrillers, as well as historical fiction.

Here you can find news about his novels as well as the author’s ongoing blog From the Desk of Don Kesterson.

Don’s Gold Series trilogy features his thrillers The President’s Gold Gold of the Spirits and  Tarnished Gold .

Additionally, he has written the Pawns Trilogy of novels about the Vietnam Conflict, including Pawns: Magic Bullet, the sequel Pawns: Kings in Check, and Pawns: Stalemate.

Ring of Freedom is a historical novel of triumph over adversity as a family of Vietnamese refugees must escape by boat to the United States following the Vietnam conflict.

Don’s latest novel, Chop Stix: Chinese Spies Among Us, features a character from his Gold series, in a historical espionage thriller.


Chop Stix: Chinese Spies Among Us Ring of Freedom Pawns: Stalemate
Pawns: Kings in Check Pawns: Magic Bullet Tarnished Gold
Gold of the Spirits The President's Gold




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