Don’s Gold Series trilogy features his thrillers The President’s Gold Gold of the Spirits and  Tarnished Gold .

Additionally, he has a series on Vietnam Conflict, Pawns: Magic Bullet, the sequel Pawns: Kings in Check and Pawns: Stalemate.

Ring of Freedom is a historical novel of triumph over adversity as a family of Vietnamese refugees must escape by boat to the United States following the Vietnam conflict.

Chop Stix: Chinese Spies Among Us, features a character from his Gold series, in a historical espionage thriller revolving around a Chinese spy ring operating inside the United States.

Don’s latest is a science fiction novel titled, Project Echo. The plot, Adolf Eichmann travels back in time to change the outcome of World War II so that Nazi Germany wins.



Ring of Freedom Chop Stix: Chinese Spies Among Us
Pawns: StalematePawns: Kings in CheckPawns: Magic Bullet Tarnished GoldThe President's GoldGold of the Spirits