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TWA Flight 800

On the evening of July 17, 1996, TWA Flight 800 took off from John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) bound for Paris with 230 people on board. About eleven minutes after the pilot announced, “Wheels up,” at 13,700 feet and climbing, without warning, the 747 jetliner exploded over the Atlantic Ocean, just off the shores of Rhode Island. A secondary explosion occurred when the jet fuel ignited.

Why am I bringing this up at this time? The world has had three significant “lost jet” events in the last several months. One of these jets, in Kiev, was shot down, and it reminded me of the tragedy of TWA Flight 800. So I went back and investigated.

As I state on my website, I “dare to find the real truth in history. History unlike anything you have been taught.”

Ultimately, about ninety-five percent of the Boeing 747 jet was recovered. According to the official report from the National Transportation and Safety Board (NTSB), it was concluded that the “probable cause” of the explosion of the center-wing fuel tank was the result of the ignition of the flammable fuel/air mixture. They could not determine the exact source of the ignition, but felt that it “most likely” was a short circuit outside of the center-wing tank. They believe the event was brought on by excessive voltage entering the wiring associated with the fuel system. However, the NTSB report stated that the center-fuel switch was off, and there was no voice evidence it had been turned on. Would excessive voltage cause a switch that was turned off to ignite? A short circuit? I can’t answer that question, but perhaps an electrical engineer could. (If so, please post your comments below. I’d love to have your opinion!)

I remember that when I first heard about the plane crash, I heard about some eyewitness accounts that this jet was shot down. I dismissed it at the time. These witnesses stated seeing a “flare-like” object rising from the ground and striking the 747 jet on its right side. The number of eyewitness stories were consistent enough that the FBI interviewed 154 individuals, including scientists and Army personnel. It is significant that these witnesses covered the TWA 800 from viewing angles of 360 degrees. At the time, The New York Times reported that a top federal official was quoted as saying their stories “were credible.” Witnesses all collectively spoke of a six-second missile burn. This is quite a coincidence, don’t you think?Silhouette fedora

The cockpit voice recorder was not audible over the last seven seconds. However, the TWA captain said, “Look at that crazy fuel flow indicator there on number four. See that?” Sometime after that, the first officer noted a visually bright event. But in the last few tenths–of-seconds, on the voice recorder there was a similar noise like that of other planes that have broken up in flight.

Technicians from the FBI even mapped these eyewitness stories to corroborate if the incident would conclude a central point of the potential ground shot. There were some on-site investigators who claimed the metal remnants of the jet was bent in and bent out. Logically speaking, if it was an internal explosion, all of the metal should be bent outward, I would think. I could be wrong.

To my knowledge, no definitive explanation was ever given for “flare-like” object rising from the ground. No fireworks, no flare. Moreover, none of the eyewitnesses were allowed to speak at the NTSB public hearing. Why? It should be noted, the NTSB does not investigate criminal activity: that side of the investigation was carried out, as always, by the FBI, in a parallel investigation.

The Army and the Navy were called in to assist with this investigation. Army personnel in Humvees took over control of the beaches on Long Island. Why? I find it interesting that both the FBI and the Navy implied that there was biological danger surrounding Flight 800 and that any pieces found on the beach should not be touched. Later, this story was retracted. Why? Was it for collection purposes? No explanation was given either way.

While it is easy to understand why the Navy was first called into assist with the investigation, it seems a little unusual that the Navy brought in their best deep-water salvage vessels and took over the salvage operation from the New York Police Department divers. Why? Why did the Navy search twenty miles on either side of the wreckage scene? It would be impossible for the 747 jet to spread debris this far—a physical impossibility, even if the 747 had remained intact and crashed into the Atlantic Ocean. There were three Navy submarines and a Navy ship in the area; no big deal, since it is near New York Harbor. But why did the Navy try to deny their presence during that time?

By December 1996, the FBI Missile investigation team members were notified that two separate commercial fishermen had dredged up parts from MANDPADS in the area of the debris field; however, it is reported that they threw them back. Was this credible, or was this part of a conspiracy? Why would they have thrown these parts back?

There were so many inconsistencies with respect to the recovery and potential tampering with the 747’s black boxes that I cannot address them in a 500-word blog. I can’t decide what really happened. What do you think happened? Did the crash occur due to an equipment malfunction, or was it something else?

Lost Plane at Sea?

In March, a plane took off that was eventually lost in the ocean. The plane had extra fuel, the most sophisticated navigation equipment with triple redundancy, flight plans and contingency flight plans. There were communication points established along the way. All of the communication points were made until the plane was lost, believed to have crashed in the ocean. Shortly after the plane disappeared, extensive search ensued, but to date, no debris has been found. What happened? Will we ever know?

The above paragraph was written about Amelia Earhart. Her plane went missing almost 77 years ago on her attempted around the world flight.

Today, like 77 years ago, we are missing a plane; the Malaysia Jet MH 370 has disappeared. it’s kind of an eerie circumstance, don’t you think?

The Malaysia Jet was a Boeing 777, which according to all of the talking heads, is one of the safest and easiest to fly, containing a redundancy of all technologies. It took off on time on March 8th, carrying 239 passengers and a crew of ten. Their flight plan called for them to fly from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, which should take just under six hours.

There were several check-in points along the route, all of which were met until after passing over Thailand and crossing out into the South China Sea, when something changed. From there, the puzzle began to develop, starting with the Malaysian Government. On the first day, they couldn’t or wouldn’t even confirm what time the plan went missing.

As of this date, there are very few pieces of evidence that help us build the story of what happened. Now, almost three weeks later, the inconsistencies continue to mount, which no one can begin to explain. I think this passage of time alone almost eliminates all possibilities of hi-jacking or terrorism. (Not completely, perhaps, but most likely.) Terrorists normally want a big show, but there has been no big show, yet!

We have been told that the jet operated for seven hours after the last communication point, and the jet went off its designated track. Frankly, the exact direction the plane traveled during those seven hours is unknown. Silhouette fedora

As we delve into the mystery, let’s start in the cockpit; it would have been occupied with the pilot, co-pilot and flight engineer. Yet, researchers have focused only on the pilot, who was reported to have some personal issues. But for him to turn off two transponders, plus one below the flight deck, would likely imply he had some assistance. Did that assistance come from the other occupants of the flight deck? During the seven hour unmonitored portion of the flight, was only one deck officer involved, and were either or both of the others subdued? This doesn’t make sense. I have also heard that the pilot was suicidal. If so, are we to believe he subdued the crew, then took a joyride over the ocean for seven hours, and then flew it into the water? Hmmm?

Now, somehow they didn’t know where the jet was located, but yet they know the jet reached a flight altitude of 45,000 feet, which could have caused the pressurized cabin to fail and could have impacted the oxygen system, thus taking out the passengers, whether permanently or temporarily. Do you find it weird, as I do, that they knew the flight altitude, but not the flight path? It also has been reported that the jet eventually dropped down to 5,000 feet, in essence to fly below radar detection. Again, how can they know that, without knowing where it was? Come on.

Now let’s focus on the route the jet took. At first, it successfully passed the scheduled waypoints along the route. Then came the story that the flight plan was altered just before or shortly after take-off. How did they know that? Just after crossing over Thailand, out over the South China Sea about two hours into the flight, the jet went off in a different direction. Climbed up, then dropped down, then—presto magic!—it disappeared!

Now let’s get back to the Malaysian Government’s report. After the jet was in the air and disappeared, they reviewed the manifest of passengers, and it was discovered that two Iranians, who paid cash for their tickets, were on that flight using stolen passports. Reports came out that this is not unusual in Asia or other third-world countries, as a large number of passports aren’t checked. And by the way, they then discovered then that these passports were stolen and had been illegally used. Crack detective work!

Now, here is where the story gets even stranger. Didn’t countries have satellites that could provide information on the flight path? Haven’t we been told that the CIA has satellites that can read license plates on cars, which are clearly smaller than a jet? Then it was reported that there were no satellites covering the Indian Ocean, along one of the speculated flight paths. Hmmm, I thought there were satellites covering the entire earth. I’ll bet Al Queda loved hearing this little tidbit.

Let’s review another fact: we have been told the jet flew for seven hours after the transponders were turned off. I wondered then, how did they know that? Well, about seven days after the jet disappeared, it was reported that when these jets are constructed, Boeing places monitors on the engines that provided data as long as the jets’ engines are in operation, but the Malaysians didn’t purchase that feature when they purchased their Boeing 777s. But it took Boeing seven days to provide reporters that data? Were they all on vacation and when they came back, somebody walked into that room and said, “Hey look what I just found? Who knew?”

Let’s look back for a minute at the fact that there were 239 passengers and now seven other members of the flight crew that flew seven hours off course. What happened to them? No one attempted any phone calls during that time? Yet, four days after the jet disappeared, it was reported that the cell phones indicated they were still working. Has anybody dropped their phone in the water? Does it work? I personally know the answer; it’s a big fat no!

So by the second week following the disappearance, a number of countries were providing search equipment, including the Chinese, as China is the residence of most of the passengers. And just then, the Malaysian Government announced that there were some valuable items on the jet, including, but not limited to, a large quantity of lithium batteries. Hey, it might have been nice to know that earlier, but hey, these guys sent text messages to the families that their relatives were dead. That is very touching, don’t you think? Who said they are a third-world country?  Talk about utilizing modern technology!

By now, the speculations include alien spacecraft, black holes and the jet being hidden in a hanger in Pakistan. If I have one guess, I’ll guess that it is not in Pakistan. The US Government has satellites and so many drones in the air over that country that we almost have to have traffic controllers watching them. So the odds are you that you could never sneak a jet in there.

Finally this week, I heard that a French satellite found 122 items in the water that could be from where the jet crashed in the water. The French found it, but the US and China didn’t? Am I the only one who finds this strange?

What are your thoughts and opinions of what happened to the missing Malaysia Jet MH 370? Let’s discuss!