A New Novel, a Sci Fi – Project Echo: A German officer travels back in time to 1942 to alter the outcome of World War II

This blog is to introduce, Project Echo, a science fiction novel. The theme has been on my mind for a long time but it took me awhile to research all the invented or legendary devices in existence at the setting of the novel.

The plot: a cabal of former German officers send, one of the most wicked men in history, Lieutenant Colonel Adolf Eichmann, back to change the outcome of World War II. His mission is to go to Japan, meet with Admiral Yamamoto, commander of the Japanese Naval Fleet, to provide information to alter his naval strategy at the Battle of Midway. In early 1942, neither the United States nor the Japanese knew the importance of that battle, it was literally, the fulcrum point for both sides.

Let me anticipate the question in your mind; why would the Germans care about a Japanese battle and not their own?

The answer: Prolong the war, so that Germany can complete its development of the Atomic Bomb before the United States.

How would the outcome of the Battle of Midway accomplish prolonging the war?

Once the Strike South faction of the Japanese Military convinced Hirohito that this was the best course of action, their war strategy from the early 1930’s was to control the Pacific.

What if, Japan had won The Battle of Midway?

The Japanese Navy would strategically be one step closer to controlling the Pacific Ocean. Their next target would have been Hawaii, followed by putting pressure on the west coast of the United States. The United States would have to pull assets out of Europe and send them to the Pacific in order to defend them.

This made for a very intriguing plot for a novel.

The evil Eichmann knew that because Japan would lose most of its carrier fleet and its best Naval pilots at that battle, it changed their strategy from offense to defense allowing the U.S. to continue to focus their war effort against Germany.

If you want to know how evil Eichmann was, check out my previous blog, wherein I lay out my thesis for selecting Eichmann as my antagonist, due to his role in the German Nazi’s attempt to eliminate the Jewish population in Europe. In 1949, Eichmann was a fugitive from the Mossad and the U.S. authorities, his plan for 1942 was much more sinister than just changing the outcome of the Battle of Midway.

Enter my protagonist, Army G-2 Captain Jarrett Webber, who agrees to enter a different but untested Die Glocke previously retrieved from Germany. Jarrett is sent to act alone and bring back Eichmann from 1942 to 1949, alive. He can’t divulge his mission to anyone in 1942. Plus, he cannot kill anyone he encounters, out of fear of altering the actual timeline.

As Jarrett arrives in time to begin his pursuit of the evil Eichmann, the odds began to mount up against him. Soon not only is the German army after him but so to are elements with the Allied forces trying to capture or kill him.

Can Jarrett prevent Eichmann from meeting with Admiral Yamamoto?


I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone for my latest up-coming novel, stepping into the science fiction genera. While I have always enjoyed science fiction, I have never been willing to step into that area. However, I didn’t stray too far from my historical fiction roots. In my past writing, my topics have always focused on the Asian theater, such as, stolen gold by the Japanese in World War II, the Vietnam Conflict or Chinese spy operations surrounding the United States.

This time, I researched and wrote about World War II in Europe but with a sci-fi twist. While my novel follows the usual format, that is, most of the characters are real historical figures and followed the events as they occurred real time. I might add the plot of the novel could have actually happened. Moreover, the plot is not necessarily new but it is evil, very evil.

This blog is to introduce my antagonist, one of the most vile, real men from modern history: Lieutenant Colonel Adolf Eichmann.

Why Eichmann? And what did he actually do? What did I have him do in my novel?

Why Eichmann…

Using him as the antagonist, for those of you who know little about this German officer, selecting him allowed me to incorporate several real life issues into the plots of the novel. He grew up around a Jewish population in Austria, I might add the same home town of Hitler. He grew up a Nazi, serving in the Austrian Nazi Party during the 1930s. Then once in the military, he was assigned to the SS in a concentration camp. Shortly thereafter, he was re-assigned to Brigadier General Reinhard Heydrich’s SD, which was the German powerful SS security service or their military intelligence. This was the beginning of their friendship. In this new role, he was to catalog information on the Freemasons.  Later, he was re-assigned to the Jewish section. In 1938, he was transferred, once again, back to Austria to establish the Central Office for Jewish Emigration. This office had the sole authority for issuing permits to Jews wishing to leave Nazi occupied Austria. That put about one hundred thousand Jews at that man’s mercy. Eichmann quickly learned how to extort wealthy Jews. This was the final building block to cause him to be considered the Jewish authority in the Nazi Army and Party.

Finally, he was selected to be an integral part to the Lake Wannsee Conference to draw up Jewish Extermination Plan. Was his feelings toward the Jews a result of being teased while growing up, called “little Jew”? Due to his previous assignments and his accumulated knowledge on the Jewish population, he would soon be considered one of the experts on the Jewish population in Europe.

What did Eichmann actually do?

While there is a lot more to Eichmann’s background for the purposes of this blog, I’ll summarize. In 1939, he was transferred back to Berlin. He was promoted to lead the Gestapo Section IV B4. Then in January 1942, he joined General Heydrich and thirteen other men at the SS Villa on Lake Wannsee to draw up the final solution for the extermination of the Jewish race in all conquered territories with the ever expanding Nazi war machine. Because of his evil expertise, he was integral in the plan of how to exterminate the Jews. He had witnessed this first hand in conquered Poland, where SS officers murdered members of the politicians, professionals and others, due to the Nazi Party’s fear that they could be security threats or saboteurs.

What role did I give Eichmann, as the antagonist in my novel?

What if, Eichmann could change the outcome of World War II?